'Live at O'Malleys'

The Ramblin'

Rob – vocals, bouzouki, violin, nose.

Errol – drums, excuses.

Simon – bass, vocals, silly Walk.

Lee – guitar, vocals, bad habits.

All the audio tracks were recorded live at O'Malleys Bar, Weymouth in 1995 when the band was at it's height of popularity. Tracks 1-14 were originally released as part of a cassette tape which was entitled 'New Boots For Old Wellies' and later as a CD entitled 'Live at O'Malleys'. Neither the Cassette or CD is now commercially available.

Many thanks to Simon Felton of Pink Hedgehog Records who kindly sent me a copy of the CD and also provided tracks 15 and 16 available for free download. However I still treasure my original copy of the cassette.


I have recently converted a Video8 recording I made of the band, also performing live at O'Malleys. A medium quality version of the video can be seen on YouTube:

As far as I know this in the only video available of the band and although only shot on a simple hand-held camera and mostly using the available light in the bar it is surprisingly good and gives us a wonderful and poignant reminder of why the 'Pitchforks' were so popular.

Geoff Watts, Weymouth - May 2011


(With approximate playing times)

    1)   Whisky in the Jar 2:03

    2)   Fiddlers Green 3:16

    3)   Joe's Blackbird 4:32

    4)   The Black Earth 5:31

    5)   The Complaining Song 5:16

    6)   The Rising of the Moon 2:41

    7)   The Mooncoin Reel/The green Groves of Erin 2:19

    8)   The Wild Rover 12.04

    9)   Gay Greeks on Acid 3:36

    10)  Here 4:42

    11)  When the Walls come Tumbling Down 3:33

    12)  The Leaving of Liverpool 2:57

    13)  Scarborough Fair 4:14

    14)  Veronica Rooka 5:58

    15)  The Travelling Man 4:02

    16)  Gerbils (remix) 5:15

    The Ramblin' Pitchforks

    Play or download the tracks from the link below.

    All the above tracks were recorded live at O'Malleys Bar, Weymouth UK in 1995

    © Geoff Watts 2011